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Cartago®Sign: fast, easy, legally compliant

Do you have a large number of internal or external contracts and documents to sign? Do you still send important sensitive data by registered mail and return receipt? Don’t know what the current status of contract signatories is, or maybe still waiting for feedback and even mail? Maybe you need a second signature or multiple signatures?

Print – scan – punch – file – stamp? You need staff and space to organize this flood of paper in a legally compliant manner.

You are looking for a digital solution for your signature processes, but you are unsure whether this can be integrated into your company’s existing system environment!

There is a simple solution! Learn more about how to use digital signatures in your company with Cartago®Sign! Simple, fast and legally compliant!

Digital signature: at any place, at any time, in any format

With digital signatures, you can replace manual signatures in almost all transactions, enabling the complete digitization of your business documents. Cartago®Sign is a particularly intuitive, easy-to-use solution for adding advanced as well as qualified signatures to documents. Documents can be signed individually, on-demand or in batch. Any number of signature certificates can be placed per document.

An online dashboard provides an overview of all ongoing, pending contract processes at any time.  Extensive filter settings allow a detailed display of business-relevant parameters (e.g. by contract type, volume or company code). Depending on the business case, signatures can be executed with or without registration. The entire process is logged in detail and is legally valid and audit-proof at all times in accordance with the eIDAS Regulation (see: Verordnung (EU) Nr. 910/2014).

How does digital signature work?

  • 1

    Creating documents

    Create your documents and add custom signature fields and rules of the process.

  • 2


    Send an email with a web link to inform signers that a document is available for contract signing.

  • 3


    Advanced or qualified signature via signature card, direct input, scan or mobile application

  • 4


    Signatures get validated, the audit trail updated, and all participants are being notified.

  • 5


    Update ERP, CRM, create permalinks (audit, downloads, authorization)

Benefits Cartago®Sign - digital signature

  • advanced or qualified digital signature
  • simple and intuitive process
  • on premise / cloud / hybrid solution
  • PDF and PDF/A for e-mail, archive and portal
  • Seamless integration (SOA)
  • OnDemand or mass processing (batch)
  • Second and multiple signatures
  • e-IDAS

Where are digital signature used?


employment contract,
company agreements


Credit agreement,
account opening,
contracts, etc.


Brokerage agreements,
declarations, etc.


business transactions,
contracting, etc.

Technical informations

Supports its own
as well as embedded
digital signatures

Digital signatures can be added to documents in a particularly simple way.  Can be used with supplied or its own signatures.

Seamless integration
into existing
system environments

Easy integration and configuration are key features and advantages of using Cartago®Live. Integration into system landscapes (ERP, DMS, ECM,…)

Digital signature
interactive PDFs

Support for on-the-fly eSignatures for PDF documents that are to be filled in interactively, including input validation of variable fields.

Platform independent

Platform-independent, both on-premise and in the cloud allow maximum flexibility in the selection and evolution of the IT infrastructure.

PDF and PDF/A for e-mail, archive and portal

Multiple output channel support including email, archive and portal support.


Connection to mobile apps as well as the option to sign online and the connection of external card readers to ensure identity for the qualified electronic signature.

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